Design and Construction of Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning (HVAC) Systems

We design and construct air conditioning systems designed for people and the buildings they work in. Our systems create comfort by controlling temperature and humidity, and by producing air flow, sound, vibration and aroma.

  • Design and construction of high-precision air conditioning systems for clean rooms, etc.
  • Design, construction and maintenance of air conditioning systems according to the use of the building.

Design and Construction of Water Supply, Drainage and Water Filtration Systems

We design and construct systems that control water – our most precious daily necessity.

  • Providing water control systems for a hygienic, secure supply of water.

Design and Construction of Freezing and Low- and Mid-temperature Control Systems

The cold chain has become indispensable for food safety now that various food cultures using many types of ingredients are becoming popular. Our experience and technology in this field enable us to contribute to society.

Design and Construction of Disaster-prevention Systems

According to the regulations, public buildings and buildings of specified scales and for specific uses are required to have disaster prevention facilities installed. We design and construct reliable systems that operate securely in case of fire and other emergencies.

Investigation, Planning, Proposal and Construction for the Renewal of Facilities

We have a specialized team that evaluates the deterioration of facilities and makes proposals for the maintenance of their performance. Our renewal planning team draws up plans according to their proposal, which are appropriate for your facility renewal.

Click here for detailed information about renewal.

Photovoltaic Power Generation Systems

Click here for detailed information about the introduction of solar power generation systems

Design and construction for Electrical system

We design and construction the electrical system for all kind of building,Factory, shopping mall, solar panel