Facility/Equipment Renewal

Renewal of facilities and equipment in response to new social requirements

We make proposals for energy saving and environmental protection that meet your needs.
With our advanced technologies, we can respond to a wide range of needs, from the replacement of air conditioners to the reconstruction of buildings.

1.Renewal for the Environment

Demands for facilities and equipment have changed and diversified, thus requiring custom-made solutions, and the significance of facilities has increased. We improve your facilities and equipment in response to changing environmental requirements. We also help you maintain the lifelines in your building in case of a disaster.

Renewal for Energy Saving

Facilities and equipment deteriorate due to aging and increase operation costs. While using your existing facilities and equipment effectively, we will improve their performance and energy-saving functions.

Outline of Renewal

Renewed Facilities/Equipment

  • Air conditioning equipment

    • Air conditioner / fan / pump
    • Packaged-type air conditioner
    • Heat source (freezer/boiler)
    • Pipe/duct
    • Automatic control system / centralized monitoring system
  • Water supply / Drainage / Water filtration facilities

    • Water supply / water heating / drainage equipment
    • Water tank / elevated water tank
    • Filtration equipment for baths and swimming pools

Effects of Renewal

Functional upgrading

  • Flexible response to individual tenants and rooms
  • Optimization of air conditioning

Energy saving

  • Introduction of highly energy-saving equipment
  • Introduction of central control systems
  • Introduction of low-maintenance equipment

Environmental preservation

  • Decrease in CO2 emissions
  • Compliance with the Act on Promoting Green Purchasing
  • Use of zero ODP (ozone depletion potential) refrigerant

Proposals for Renewal

In recent years, the deterioration of buildings due to aging has become a serious social issue. The deterioration of building facilities has been particularly problematic. This is because the life of a building’s facilities is generally shorter than the building’s life.

We have a specialized team that evaluates the deterioration of facilities and makes proposals for the maintenance of their performance. Our renewal planning team draws up plans according to their proposal, which are appropriate for your facility renewal.

Facility renewal should be conducted comprehensively, taking improvement of the working environment into consideration along with upgrading of facilities. Environmentally friendly facility renewal will lead to the improvement of your company image. People are now evaluating companies according to their response to environmental issues. Renewal that maintains existing facilities and increases their functions, while improving the working environment will result in the preservation of limited natural resources.

We provide solutions that best meet our customers’ needs and provide them with the best value from every perspective.