Energy Service Company (ESCO) Business

We are actively engaged in ESCO business, and providing comprehensive services for saving energy.

Advantages of ESCO Projects

  • 1Costs of reconstruction for energy saving are made up for by the reduction in utility costs.
  • 2Power saving can be realized without damaging the facility environment.
  • 3The ESCO business operator guarantees the energy saving effects.
  • 4Comprehensive energy-saving services are provided.
Advantages of ESCO Projects

Our Comprehensive Proposals

  1. Diagnosis of facility deterioration and energy saving
  2. Planning, design and construction of energy-saving facilities
  3. Maintenance and operation management of energy-saving systems
  4. Measurement and confirmation of the reduction of energy consumption


  1. Social Welfare Organization Saiseikai Imperial Gift Foundation, Inc. Saiseikai Takaoka Hospital ESCO project
  2. Niigata Prefecture Joetsu City Hall ESCO project
  3. Pario City ESCO project
  4. Toyama Jiyukan ESCO project

We belong to the Japan Association of Energy Service Companies and the Kanazawa Eco-promotion Companies Network.