Do you have a “regular doctor” for your buildings?

If you neglect even a minor failure, environmental deterioration could ensue.

  • Just like human bodies, buildings will be in worse shape as time goes by.
  • Just as people see a doctor when they get ill, buildings in poor condition need proper maintenance.
  • To prevent the illness from becoming serious, regular check-ups are crucial.
RYOKI is there for your buildings.

Just like your family doctor, we take care of your buildings’ health.

Regular inspections keep the maintenance cost low, ensure a comfortable environment, and prevent property values from decreasing.


Maintenance Details

We ensure a comfortable environment with our reliable technology and quick response.

The lifespan of building equipment such as air conditioners and water supply and drainage systems depends on the conditions in which the equipment is installed or used, and on the natural conditions. Not only does it cost more to repair after a failure, but also it shortens the life of the building. Our appropriate maintenance services help prevent a contingent failure and lengthen the buildings’ lifespan, so you can use your equipment without any worry.

  • 1Air Conditioning
    Running, maintaining and repairing of equipment
    • Appropriate running, maintaining and repairing of the air conditioning system for the purpose of the building
    • Maintenance and repair of air conditioning systems and heat source equipment, cold/hot water generators, freezing machines, turbo refrigerators, cooling towers, chilling machines, various pumps, blowers, boilers, non-pressure water heaters, vacuum-type water heaters, once-through boilers, warm air heaters, individual-package air conditioners (air/water cooling), multiple-package air conditioning systems, gas heat pump air conditioning units, fan coil units, total heat exchangers, automatic control equipment
    • Maintenance of air conditioning systems that require high accuracy, such as those used for clean rooms.
  • 2Water Supply, Drainage and Sanitations
    Running, maintaining and repairing of equipment
    • Sanitary maintenance of water/sewage and gas supply equipment
    • Maintenance and repair of sanitary facilities and equipment, cleaning of water storage / blackwater / greywater tanks, hot water boilers, electric water heaters, various pumps, pressurization water supply units and gas appliances
  • 3Freezing and Intermediate Temperature Control
    Running, maintaining and repairing of equipment
  • 4Disaster Prevention
    Running, maintaining and repairing of equipment

Other Services: Legal Inspections for Various Types of Equipment

  • Scheduled inspections of building equipment, flue gas smoke extraction / ventilation
  • Underground oil tank equipment leak tests
  • Cleaning of drinking water storage tanks (elevated water tanks / water receiving tanks) / water-quality inspection
  • Boiler performance inspections, etc.