Contract Process Flow

Step 01
For an estimate

Please feel free to ask us by phone or e-mail.

Step 02
On-site inspection

We will inspect your buildings or equipment on-site and listen to your requests.

Step 03

We will give you an estimate for our services in accordance with your requests.

Step 04

If you agree to the estimate we give you, we will draw up a contract.

If You Are Interested in the Contract

  • Contact the nearest RYOKI for service fees.
  • In principle, we carry out contract-based inspections and repair work during regular working hours. You are kindly requested to consult us in advance if you prefer other time slots. 9:00~17:00 (Except for Saturdays, Sundays, public holidays and company holidays)

Other Services

Inspection without contract

Inspection is carried out upon the customer’s request based on our Inspection Manual. The types of inspection we offer are as follows:

    • Visual inspection / Filter cleaning
    • Operational check
    • Replacing and adjusting of periodic replacement parts
    • Overall inspection and maintenance
    • Checking and adjustment of operational conditions
    • Legal inspection and other services

On-call service

Regardless of the presence or absence of a contract, we address problems related to what we have installed. When something goes wrong with your equipment, please contact and consult our local branch office or sales office.

Construction companies can carry out installation of equipment for new buildings, renovations and maintenance.

RYOKI is an air conditioning, water supply and drainage systems contractor. We are professional. That is why we can provide meticulous maintenance and repair services to our customers; we are well-versed in each piece of equipment, its accessories, related equipment, and each plumbing pipe behind the wall, under the floor and above the ceiling.

Our services include planning, designing and installing equipment. Moreover, in collaboration with professional groups that offer energy-efficient proposals, we help our customers carry out overall management of their building equipment in accordance with their needs, and reduce expenses with environment-friendly and energy-efficient methods.